Homo Riot's Voter's Guide for those living and breathing in Los Angeles and beyond

Every election I wonder how many Homos are actually bothering to vote.  This year I'm adding the Millennials to my pondering.  Do Millennials get how important this election is?  Do Homos?  I hope so.

After some research and review, this is how I'll be voting.  I explain some of my reasoning for my decisions on the following propositions at the bottom of this post.   If you want to dig deeper into any of the propositions that are listed, check the LA Times

51    NO                  60 NO                     66   NO

52   YES                   61 YES                     67   YES

53   YES                   59   YES

54   YES                   60   YES

55   YES                   61    YES

56   YES                   62   YES

57    YES                  63  YES

58   YES                   64  YES

59   YES                   65  YES/NO

The President

Please vote for Hillary.  No matter how much you dislike her personally, hate her for standing by Bill or deleting and lying about her emails, your world and the next 20 years (maybe more) will be effected in unimaginable and disastrous ways by a Trump win. She's not perfect but she puts us on a path toward a better America.  I want to live in a country that takes care of people, old people, disabled people, kids, even dumb people.  We don't need to spend more than 50% of our annual budget on the military or on building the infrastructure of other countries.  Let's take care of us.  Are you old enough to remember when schools had art programs and P.E. and your teacher had enough paper towels and crayons for everyone?  Ever wonder what happened?  It's the Republican's defunding of schools, diverting money to vouchers and cutting funding to states.  That's the legacy of Reagan, Bush, Gingrich and Delay.  Education is just one example of the failed policies of the party that is more interested in corporations and lobbyists than the people.  And don't think that a third party option is really viable.  Gary Johnson is a not qualified to lead the free world and Jill Stein is... not a serious candidate to say the least.  If you have doubts about those statements watch this...   John Oliver  

Not voting is not an intellectually sound choice.  What are you really saying?  The system is rigged so it doesn't matter.  Really?  It's the system we have.  You want to change it?  Start working on that November 9th, 2016.  You've got four years to make a difference.  As for now, the system is the system and whether you believe your vote doesn't count or you just don't want to participate in our flawed democracy, your abstaining is a de facto vote for Trump.  Ask Al Gore if votes count.  Especially if you live in a state where it's close.  Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, etc.  You must vote!  

And don't split the ticket, please.  Vote for Democrats or Progressives for House and Senate.  Have the last 8 years of Congressional inaction pissed you off? Don't doom us to another 4-8 of that.  Give her a Democratic Senate and with a ton of luck a Democratic House and she will get some shit done.  Otherwise, they will block her and try to impeach her on trumped up charges (no pun intended) and nothing will get done.

California Propositions

51  No

This is about school bonds for new school construction which is money not really going to students or teachers but will go instead to developers and construction companies.  It will also incur 500 million dollars a year in state payouts for the next 35 years.  Let's raise teacher's salaries and fully fund our school system before we start building new schools.

52  Yes

This generates 3 billion dollars a year in Federal matching funds for the state healthcare system and forces hospital administrators and corporations that own and profit from hospitals to follow guidelines on how the money is spent.  

53  Yes  

This requires that the public vote on state projects and expenditures of more than 2 billion dollars.  It's our tax money and we should have a voice in how the money is spent.

54  Yes

This is legislative accountability.  The state house can't just run through laws without 72 hours of visibility online.

55   Yes

Keeps a standing tax of 1-3% imposed on individuals making more than $250,000.  This money goes specifically to education and healthcare.  

56   Yes

It's the cigarette tax.  If you smoke you may want to vote no but as a former smoker of 20 years I hope this will keep kids from starting to smoke.  It's really fucking hard to quit.

57  Yes 

This would mean early release of 16,000 non violent prisoners in the state prison system which will save the state money and most of these are low level drug offenders.  

58  Yes

Gives local school systems and administrators the right to make decisions on multilingual education.  This is a FIX for the fucked up law that was passed previously that demanded that kids in public school be taught in English primarily, even when they didn't understand English.  This law has left tens of thousands of kids behind as their first language was not English and their learning and understanding of what was being taught was severely encumbered.

59  Yes

This allows our state legislators to actively work toward overturning Citizens United.  It frees them to make laws to restrict big money in politics even though it's still allowed Federally.

60  No

There is already a State law that requires the use of condoms on Adult film sets.  This law just gives the inspectors more power to enforce the law, with mandatory inspections, costing more money to administrate, shutting down more productions and penalizing performers.  It is a bad law and basically no one is for it except puritans and old people who just hear porn and their brains shut down.

61  Yes

Don't listen to big Pharma and those old Vets on the commercials.  This is a good law that will reduce drug costs across the board.

62  Yes

Death penalty.  Are you for it?  I'm against it.  This proposition repeals it.

63  Yes

I'm all for restricting fire arms and limiting ammunition and outlawing assault rifles.  It should be stated that Civil Liberties groups and Law Enforcement are opposed to this proposition.  It would create more back log in our court system, but possibly make our society safer.

64 Yes

It's the Weed Proposition.  Let's do it.

65  Yes/No

This is a fucked up proposition.  Both this and 67 were funded by the plastic bag manufacturers.  97% of the money funding these propositions is from outside the state. This one mandates that the money from bags payed for in grocery stores goes to environmental organizations.  Sounds good, right?  But it doesn't outlaw single use plastic bags, it just charges people for them.   Also, either 65 or 67 will take effect depending on which one gets more votes.  

67  Yes

Ever wonder who gets to keep the money when you pay for the bags at the grocery? Makes the local LA and Santa Monica laws statewide and creates a ban on single use plastic bags, but allows the grocery stores to keep the money which generates more than $300 million dollars a year in profit.  Granted, before, the grocer had to pay for the bags and they were free to us.  But they weren't paying .10 a piece and this has turned in to a money maker for grocery and convenience stores.

66  No

If you want to get rid of the death penalty, vote yes on 62.  This proposition doesn't help anything.  Better to leave the situation as is if 62 doesn't pass.  And if 62 does pass then this proposition is pointless.